Thieves target building materials


Chatsworth Police are seeking information from the public in regards to recent thefts of building materials at the Clear Creek Village Subdivision on Duvall Road.

Thefts from houses under construction were reported in March, May and June, according to Capt. Michael Parker of the Chatsworth Police Department.

Capt. Parker hopes anyone with information about or who may have witnessed the thefts will contact him at 706-695-9770.

The Clear Creek Subdivision is a large development with more than a dozen houses currently under construction.

The first theft is believed to have occurred on March 13 or March 14. The construction manager at 313 Village Creek Dr. said eight windows stacked against a garage wall were stolen. The windows were valued at $1,600.

Eight more windows and three doors (no value estimate provided) were taken from a job site at 153 Middleton Ct. The site manager told police that the theft must have occurred late on May 5 or early morning on May 6. Again, the materials were taken from a garage area.

The third theft is believed to have occurred on June 12. The construction manager told police he rode past a work site at 247 Middleton Ct. about 3 p.m. Less than six hours later, nine windows and three doors (total value $2,500) were gone from he garage where they had been stacked.

All three thefts targeted construction sites managed by Century Construction of Norcross.

Murray County Sheriff Jimmy Davenport told The Times he was not aware of any increase in construction site thefts in the county.

“I haven’t heard anything like this at this time,” Davenport said.

Capt. Parker said he hoped anyone with information about the thefts would contact the CPD. He also hoped people would keep an eye out for unusual activity in their neighborhoods.


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