Group targets sexual abuse of children


Madison Cagle believes that sexual abuse of children is a major problem and she wants to see more Americans mobilized to fight it.

Cagle, a Chatsworth resident, joined with about three dozen like-minded people at a rally on Sunday in Chatsworth City Park.

“We want our community to know about the terrible things happening in the world today. We want to open the eyes of the community,” Cagle said.

Cagle believes those responsible for sexual abuse can be found from local neighborhoods all the way to the halls of power. She believes that the well-known, well-connected politicians are involved in organized sex trafficiking of minors.

She is passionate in her beliefs, but offers little in the way of evidence.

Laura Arnold, also of Chatsworth, described herself as a “victim of sexual abuse.” She said she uses her personal experiences “to my advantage” in bringing out what is happening in the world.

“I think the country is finally waking up to what’s going on,” said Arnold. “In the past, people didn’t believe the victims. Now, that’s changing.”

Cagle says she wants to “get people to care and to become voices for children.”

She wants the message delivered in Chatsworth on Sunday to “spread to other communities.”

Proceeds from t-shirts sold at the event went to Take Heart for Hope, a Dalton-based nonprofit organization which seeks to raise awareness of and educate people about sexual abuse of children.


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