County will trim property tax rate


By Jimmy Espy

Thanks to an infusion of federal cash, Commissioner Greg Hogan has decided to trim the property tax rate for county residents.

The millage rate will be reduced from 9.194 to 9.097, saving the owner of an average home in Murray County about $5 a year.

Property owners who made additions or improvements to their property, such as adding a building, could still pay more.

“It was my decision,” said Hogan on Monday. “We’re getting some money back with the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act and that’s going to help us recoup some of the revenue we lost.”

Hogan said the county could be getting as much as $1.8 million in CARES funds. That money is to be used for expenses related to the pandemic. For example, the federal funds can be used to pay for personal protective equipment for  employees.

Hogan said the county has already received about $548,000 in CARES funds, with the rest of the money contingent on the county submitting qualified projects to be paid for with the remaining money. 

The commissioner had originally planned to leave the millage rate at 9.914, which would have generated about $87,000 in new revenue. With the lower rate, the county should still net about $28,000 in new revenue because of the county’s expanded tax base.

The county advertised plans last week to keep the millage rate unchanged but Hogan reconsidered after receiving additional information from the state.


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