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Odds of 50 random events happening to you

Stacker reveals the true odds of rare instances, such as bowling a perfect game or living to be 100.

Presidential scandals in pictures

Stacker compiled a collection of 10 images showcasing presidential scandals through the decades.

Seeing yellow: The data behind penalties in the NFL

Which penalties are most common in NFL games, and which teams and refs lead the pack? OLBG analyzed recent NFL penalty data using stats from Pro Football Reference.  

Toilets spew invisible aerosol plumes with every flush – here’s the proof, captured by high-powered lasers

Every time you flush a toilet, it releases plumes of tiny water droplets into the air around you. These droplets, called aerosol plumes, can spread pathogens from human waste and expose people in …
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23 astronomical events to look out for in 2023

Stacker compiled a list of 23 astronomical events to observe in 2023 using a variety of news and scientific sources.  

The largest lottery jackpots in US history

Stacker compiled a list of the 15 largest lottery jackpots in U.S. history from news reports and lottery press releases. 

US presidents who were elected for a second term, ranked

Stacker dug through the data of C-SPAN's most recent ranking of all U.S. presidents based on a 10-point scale devised by academics to rank those chief executives who served more than one term in office.

6 feet of snow in Buffalo: What causes lake-effect storms like this?

Parts of the Buffalo area saw more than 6 feet of snow over three days in November 2022. It’s hard for most people to imagine 6 feet of snow in one storm, like the …

Richest soccer players

Stacker compiled net worth data as well as life and career insights from the wealthiest soccer players in the world using Celebrity Net Worth and other sources.  

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States with the highest revenue from cannabis taxes
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Cities with the most divorced people
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States with the most firearms traced to them by the federal government
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States with the biggest gun industries
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States where gun sales have increased the most since 2011
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From gun laws to climate change: How liability drives policy discussions on controversial issues
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Abortion in America: How access and attitudes have changed through the centuries
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Where refugees to the US come from and why
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Influential Supreme Court decisions decided by 1 vote
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