New Technologies are Transforming Joint Replacement Surgeries


(BPT) - If you are one of the million Americans who will have a joint replacement this year, your doctor may have some impressive new technologies to share with you. These new technologies are designed to make your surgical experience and recovery that much easier. For many, digital connectivity has improved our lives, by helping us simplify complicated everyday tasks and keeping us informed about the world around us. This same digital revolution is taking place in hospitals and surgery centers around the country.

Zimmer Biomet, a global medical technology leader, recently introduced the ZBEdge™ Connected Intelligence Suite, a family of digital and robotic technologies designed with the goal of enhancing the joint replacement surgical experience for healthcare professionals and patients. ZBEdge includes advanced surgical robots, patient-focused digital applications and sophisticated data analysis software. All these tools and devices work together to help surgeons provide each patient with more personalized care.

“Digital technologies play a role in almost every aspect of our daily lives, from how we communicate to how we manage our schedules. So, it’s no surprise that robotics, wearable devices and connected technologies are becoming an important part of how doctors treat and care for patients,” said Dr. James Ballard, MD.* “The ZBEdge suite arms surgeons with sophisticated technologies designed to assist them in performing surgery with precision and efficiency, guided by data that helps them make decisions about the best approach to treat each individual patient.”

A joint replacement patient who visits a surgeon using ZBEdge may experience new technological innovations before, during and after their surgery. One such innovation is mymobility®, an application that uses the Apple Watch® and iPhone® to deliver support and guidance to help patients prepare for and recover from treatment. The app allows a surgeon to remotely monitor their patients’ activity levels and progress, and provide follow-up care as needed. Through enhanced communication and timely educational content, patients can know what to expect leading up to their surgery. The app also uses the Apple Watch to track step count, stand time and other movement metrics. Patients can choose to share their data, which is de-identified, aggregated and analyzed in OrthoIntel Orthopedics Intelligence Platform to uncover clinical insights to help HCPs optimize care.

In the operating room, a surgeon using ZBEdge may use a robotic surgical assistant called ROSA® Knee. ROSA Knee helps the surgeon plan and personalize the surgery and placement of the knee implant. All the while, ROSA Knee will collect and store information on a patient’s unique joint anatomy and take constant measurements as the surgeon performs the procedure.

The data collected by mymobility and ROSA are seamlessly shared with Zimmer Biomet’s data analytics tool called OrthoIntel Orthopedics Intelligence Platform. OrthoIntel analyzes the data on each patient and compares it with data from a global network of mymobility patients who may have had similar anatomy or demographics. This information helps the surgeon better understand typical progress so they can apply those insights to make the right decision for their current patient.

But the patient’s interaction with ZBEdge doesn’t end once they leave the operating room. During recovery at home, in addition to tracking how well a patient can move, mymobility with Apple Watch provides support and tools like physical therapy exercises and educational messages from the surgeon, and video calls for virtual follow-up visits. In addition, the app also prompts patients to share information on pain levels and medication intake so their surgeon and care team can adjust their recovery regimen as needed.

“ZBEdge supports the patient and surgeon from start to finish, collects data from each step of the surgical journey and translates it into insights to help surgeons make informed treatment decisions,” added Dr. Ballard. “ZBEdge is the future of joint replacement surgery, where surgeons can use objective data and breakthrough technologies to enhance their surgical skills and decision making and strive to achieve the best outcomes for each patient.”

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Not all patients are candidates for this product and/or procedure, and mymobility can only be used if prescribed by a surgeon for patients identified as appropriate for remote care who have a compatible smartphone. iPhone and Apple Watch are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.

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