Murray County man arrested in federal operation




Terry Jones, of Crandall was one of 22 arrested last week in a federal operation targeting methamphetamine distribution. Murray County Sheriff Office Chief Deputy Brian Ingle said that the MCSO assisted the ATF in the investigation locally and officers located methamphetamine and cash from the sale of illegal drugs when Jones was arrested. Detective Jimmy Davenport is handling the case locally.

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Donations sought for splash pad for Murray County





Murray County Commissioner Brittany Pittman is looking for donations in order to provide residents with a splash pad activity. “We have actually had a design ready for a splash pad since 2013,” Pittman said. “Not wanting the tax payers to bear the expense of the project, we have been applying to grants for funding and unfortunately have not been successful since a splash pad is technically a non-necessity.


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The Murray County public school system educates about 10,000 students each day in 10 schools. 


For complete information on the system, visit the Murray County School System website at



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and both terms must be present in the story congress and economy
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