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The Chatsworth Times
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The Chatsworth Times
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The Chatsworth Times welcomes letters to the editor. Letters cannot be libelous, must be factual and should be brief, typically 250 words or less. Letters may be edited for length, accuracy and clarity. No unsigned letters will be printed. Contact information, including the writer’s address and telephone number must be submitted with letters. These will not be published We make no guarantee your letter will be published, though we will make every effort to print those meeting our guidelines.


Obituary Policy

Only obituaries from accredited funeral homes are accepted. There is a charge for inclusion in the paper. Call 706-695-4646 for complete information.



All items submitted for publication in The Chatsworth Times must be the property of the person submitting the item or there should be written permission from the copyright holder.


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Jimmy Espy, General Manager-Editor

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Erik Green, Sports Editor

Kathy Payne, Advertising Director