P. I. 631550-

PROJECT NUMBER - STP00-0151-01(005)


Notice is hereby given in compliance with Georgia Code 22-2-109 and 32-3-5 that the Georgia Department of Transportation has approved the Location and Design of this project.

The date of location and design approval is: __June 4, 2021___

This project is located in Georgia Militia District (GMD) 824 and is in Land Lots 224,225,244,245,260, and 261 of the 9th Land District of Murray County, Georgia

The project begins south of the intersection of SR 225 and Spring Place Smyrna Road and ends north of the intersection of SR 225 and SR 52A for a project length of 0.6 miles.

The project proposes to replace the intersections of SR 225 at Spring Place Smyrna Road and SR 225 at SR 52A with single lane roundabouts. SR 225 is a two-lane urban arterial with one 12-foot lane in each direction. The shoulders will be widened from 3 feet to 10 feet while maintaining the same number of through lanes. The project is located in the Spring Place community, approximately 2 miles southwest of the city of Chatsworth, Georgia.

Drawings or maps or plats of the proposed project, as approved, are on file and are available for public inspection at the Georgia Department of Transportation:

Jordan S. Clement, Area Manager

District 6, Area 2

1313 North Tibbs Road

Dalton, GA 30720

(706) 272-2211

Any interested party may obtain a copy of the drawings or maps or plats or portions thereof by paying a nominal fee and requesting in writing to:

Kimberly W. Nesbitt

State Program Delivery Administrator

Attn: John Hightower, PLA, MSUD

600 West Peachtree St NW-25th Floor

Atlanta, GA 30308

(678) 808-8995

Any written request or communication in reference to this project or notice SHOULD include the Project and P. I. Numbers as noted at the top of this notice.


Posted 12/31/1969