Community Foundation creates virus fund

DALTON —  The Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia has launched the COVID-19 Response Fund, a charitable fund designed to provide flexible resources to organizations throughout the region that serve the most vulnerable individuals and families of Northwest Georgia communities amid the COVID-19 crisis.

“From families exercising social distancing to volunteers dropping off groceries at an elderly neighbor’s doorstep to doctors and nurses standing ready at our hospitals, everyone is doing their part to respond during this unprecedented time,” says David Aft, president of the Community Foundation. “We are bracing for what’s ahead, and that’s one reason why we have developed a giving mechanism to raise and deploy much-needed funds to local nonprofits whose missions are to serve the underserved in the communities across Northwest Georgia.”

Aft noted that the fund serves two purposes. First, it will enable people who feel compelled to give during the COVID-19 crisis to make donations now to a trusted partner committed to directing funds to organizations throughout the Northwest Georgia region with proven track records of efficiently serving struggling individuals and families. Second, it will enable the Foundation to help administer those funds to ensure that the donations are distributed to local organizations that help people here in Northwest Georgia. Donations given to national funds may not provide assistance to our region.

“We are still shaping how this fund will operate,” Aft says. “What we do know is that the need will be immediate and long-term. Distributions from our COVID-19 Response Fund will be guided by local volunteers and, at least initially, target areas of immediate need and hardship arising from the recent health crisis. As we learn more about our local needs and the changing nature of this unprecedented situation, we will adapt our process.”

The Foundation has made giving to the COVID-19 Response Fund easy. People who want to contribute should navigate to the COVID-19 Response page on the Foundation’s website and select a giving level in which they feel comfortable — $25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000, or $5,000.

“The online donation process takes less than three minutes,” he says. “You can direct your gift to help specific counties within Northwest Georgia. Our promise is that we will fulfill each donor’s wishes. And as always, donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.”

Donations can be made online at The Foundation also has a link on their Facebook page.

“We know this crisis has the potential to reshape many aspects of our lives,” Aft says. “Charitable giving and the work of key civic and humanitarian organizations will continue to play a vital role.”

The mission of the Community Foundation is to promote philanthropy and charitable giving throughout Northwest Georgia.  Individuals wishing to learn more about ways to respond charitably during the crisis are encouraged to reach out to the Foundation by calling (706) 275-9117 or emailing Aft directly at

“Our job is to help people who are interested in making a difference develop strategies that best suit their needs,” he says. “Charity isn’t just what we do — it is who we are.”

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