‘Virus’ attacks school system

By Jimmy Espy, General Manager


Murray County schools continue to be plagued with a “ransom ware” computer virus that struck the system early Tuesday.
School Superintendent Steve Loughridge told The Times that as of Friday morning “about 90 percent” of the system’s technology was working but there were still “some pockets” of problems.
Loughridge described the attack as a “replicating virus” which was probably introduced into the system by an e-mail and which quickly spread across the school’s network.
“This virus is not stealing information from us,” Loughridge said. “But it locked down some of our information.”
Loughridge said rumors abut money being stolen from the system or from staff were untrue.
“There has been nothing like that,” he said.
Loughridge said the school system would not pay any “ransom” to have its information unlocked. Instead, the system’s technology team will continue to work to fix the problem.
“If you pay the ransom, you’ll have to pay it every time,” said Loughridge.
Phone service at the schools has also been affected because it is tied to the computer network.
Loughridge said instruction at all the schools has continued this week, though largely without technology.

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