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  1. Tina Shoemaker says:

    My oldest Grandaughter Daddy was the great grandson of Jessie Pratt The Grandson gave me his Great Granddad’s Guitar to put up for him I don’t know ware he is now but I still have the Guitar he told me he walked in Dalton an it layed down on something an he played it

  2. Ree Anderson says:

    Thank you for publishing this article. I was raised in this organization from birth and there is so much that still needs to be uncovered. It was a horrible life of fear, deceit and humiliation.

  3. Verna Jackson says:

    I have went to this church my whole life and I love my church and my church family I wouldn’t trade my life .

  4. Robert Anderson says:

    I’m glad to see the Chatsworth Times is covering this story on Religion Of Fear by Author David Cady.
    The history of this organization, Church of God of the Union Assembly, has had so much corruption throughout its history that it angers a person at times, horrible things that make you so sad and cry, very bad things that should have had the authorities come in and arrest people for their evil deeds, many of them were so called preachers who took orders and learned from the Pratt leaders. Hypocrisy, humiliation, human abuse, theft, rape, molestation are at the top of the list of all the corruption that’s gone on behind the doors of the local Dalton church and many of the smaller churches throughout the different states. Hope this news article will venture to other news outlets so this organization can be exposed for what its been for many many years. They’ve changed their dress code alright and can go to doctors now but not until one of the leaders son came mighty close to death and “their” prayers were not being answered. Too, this was not until after so many other members, men, women and children were denied seeing professional help from doctors and hospitals for their family and loved ones. Organizations such as this COGUA is nothing more than a cult. Sadly enough, it took a long time to finally see everything that was and had been covered up by myself and many others. Thank God that David Cady was inspired to write his latest book titled “Religion Of Fear”. If you don’t have a copy yet, please try to get you a copy through Amazon or Barnes and Noble book stores. It’ll be one of your greatest reads of a lifetime.
    Thank you again Chatsworth Times for Mr Cady’s interview and news article on his new book, Religion of Fear.

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