MCSO investigation leads to large meth bust

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Mrs. Mary Sims
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  1. Tim says:

    Congratulations on all involved. Meth destroys lives and families.

    Thank each of you.

  2. Ruthina says:

    You need to seek out the two trailers and house in the middle as well as the White House on Cherokee Dr . I don’t know if anyone who visits their neighbor 50+times a day and makes short runs only to come back and go out again less than 10 minutes later if they are not running drugs. All hours of the night they are running 4 wheelers up and down the road and a white truck with loud muffler screams up the road in and out all day and night. For more info email me.

  3. Kari Cyrus says:

    Great job, I hope it is just a start of cleaning up our county. Keep up the good work.

  4. New New says:

    Bull shit that’s more than 7 pound the those crooked police gonna subtract 7 and put the rest back out on the streets.

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