Country music’s Tritt and family help rescue Murray fawn Featured

Murray County Animal Control employee Ashley Burch, along with local Shelter Volunteer / Wildlife Transporter Angelique Judy and Wildlife Transporter Leanne Scarborough unexpectedly got to meet Kiki Reese, the wife of country music legend Travis Tritt, as part of the rescue of a baby fawn.
Animal Control Director Lisa Green received a plea for help from local resident Bridget Smith about an orphaned fawn found in a recently cut pasture, and she worked with the caller to get the fawn directly to the Wildlife Transporter as quickly as possible. Angelique provided immediate care for the fawn through the night until she got the call that a Certified Wildlife Rehabber could take the fawn in. The Wildlife Rehabber was none other than Travis Tritt.
The group transported the fawn to the Tritt home, though he wasn’t home when they arrived with the fawn.
Kudos to the Tritt family for caring so much about wildlife that they would provide a necessary next step for orphaned and injured wildlife. Great team work for all involved to help this little one recover and have a second chance at life.

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