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For several years, Hayden Bullington has made a practice of celebrating his birthday by involving others, whose circumstances may not be as blessed as his, by doing special projects. Hayden was born with Cystic Fibrosis and his life routine has been structured around CF clinic check-ups and testing, various chest therapies and breathing treatments, and, of course, daily medications that – all combined – allow him to lead a fairly normal lifestyle. Some of his projects have included taking ‘birthday treat’ bags to other CF patients who have their appointments the same day as his annual check-up or being the ‘poster boy’ for an annual CF walk-a-thon. Last year he celebrated with Carlton’s Pharmacy by having birthday cake for all who wished to come by and donate to a special fund they maintain to help some of their customers.

Because Hayden and his family have always been thankful that his needs are covered by Medicaid; Hayden has come to realize how fortunate he is and has been concerned that there are many who struggle to cover prescription medications.

Carlton’s Pharmacy has become instrumental in giving Hayden an avenue to help others in need. From the time when they opened their doors in 1963, Carlton’s Pharmacy has had a long-standing policy of caring about each and every one of their customers. In fact, their prescription bags are imprinted with the axiom “Specializing in Family Pharmacy Care.” Putting this idea into practice, Carlton’s Pharmacy has, in certain circumstances, been able to assist customers who cannot afford their prescriptions through a small special fund they maintain and to which members of the community have been kind enough to donate from time to time.

Again this year, Carlton’s Pharmacy has been kind enough to allow Hayden to celebrate with them.

On Monday, November 6th, from 9:00am to 7:00pm, the community is invited to Carlton’s Pharmacy to help celebrate Hayden’s 13th birthday by donating to Carlton’s special fund. All donors will receive a packet of Boy Scout microwave popcorn. On the ‘birthday/popcorn’ table will be a donation container into which everyone may contribute as little or as much as they wish. All donations go to Carlton’s Pharmacy to help them maintain their special fund. Everyone is welcome to come celebrate with Hayden and support Carlton’s Pharmacy as both endeavor to assist others in our community.


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