Animal Control seeking information concerning dangerous dog Featured

Three people were attacked and bitten by a dog at Emory Creek Trail off CCC Camp Road on Saturday. The dog, a male, brindle pit mix, was picked up by Animal Control officers.
“We were called to the area to try to contain the dog after it attacked three people,” said Lisa Green, Animal Control Director. “The dog was still running at large in the area. Lots of people were swimming and picnicking in the area and the reports we received said the dog had already attacked three people.
“The injuries were extensive and included a severed finger and severe bites to a leg, ripping flesh and muscle.
“We received information that the owner was there on scene when the attacks began and then left.
“We are searching for information regarding the dog and the owner for medical and other reasons.
“The dog is in quarantine for ten days following the incidents to watch for signs of rabies. We could make that determination much faster if we knew a bit about the dog’s history.”
Anyone with information is asked to contact Animal Control at 706-695-8003. Anyone who may have been in the area during the time of the attacks is also asked to contact Animal Control officers.
“In this case, the victims had their own dogs with them, and the dog began attacking the dogs,” Green said. “When you are out with your dog, please be aware and use caution if other dogs are around.”


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